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Homeopathy: Natural Alternatives for PMS and Menstrual Discomforts

Learn how homeopathic treatment can provide natural relief for PMS and menstrual discomforts.  By Miriam McCrea Malevris, DS Hom.Med.

Increasing In Vitro Fertilization Success with Acupuncture
If you are considering or currently using IVF, read on to find out how you can maximize your fertility and improve your chances for a healthy and happy pregnancy.  By Carly Wendler, ND.
Don’t Be SAD. Let the Sunshine In!
Detoxification -- Why Is It Important?
Learn about the process of detoxification from a naturopathic perspective.  By Amanda Guthrie, N.D.
The Importance of Fish Oil during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Many people know how DHA is now added to some infant formulas, because it is a substance that is important for baby's brain growth.  But did you know that you can affect the level of DHA in your breast milk by your own diet?  By Amanda Guthrie, N.D.
“How you Eat” or “What you Eat”?

How often has it happened that you grab a quick lunch, then 5 minutes later you realize a huge portion of food has been cleaned from your plate, and you don’t even remember eating it?!   By Amanda Guthrie, N.D.

The Facts about Carbohydrates
Learn how to break the vicious carbohydrate cycle.  By Amanda Guthrie, N.D.
Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin
Canada's premium Vitamin D formula!
Increase Seasonal Immunity Naturally!
Be prepared for cold & flu season.... Here are some tips to kickstart your immune system!
Is anxiety running your life? Homeopathic treatment can help you gain control!
If you experience excessive worry, persistent fears, social phobias, or panic attacks, know that you are not alone.  In fact more than 12% of our population is impacted by this debilitating condition.  By Miriam McCrea Malevris, DS Hom.Med.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Fact or Fiction?
Recent research has focused on the role of food additives, refined sugars, food allergies, fatty acid metabolism, and toxin exposure in ADD/ADHD.
Osteoporosis – it's not just genetic!
Strong healthy bones are within your control! It’s your lifestyle choices today that cause either the strength or the weakness of your bones tomorrow. By Amanda Guthrie, N.D.
Stressed? Here’s What You Should Eat
Naturopathic Doctor Amanda Guthrie provides some quick tips to get you feeling healthier in times of stress.
Shea Butter: Africa's Green Gold!
Learn more about this versatile oil. A must for every skin care regime!
Get Ready For Summer! Some Tips From Noah's Natural Foods....
Read on to find out more about DEET-free insect repellants, natural sun care, and summer first aid must-haves.
Avoid Harsh Chemicals in Your Skin Care!
A chemical-free way to remove eye make-up... from The Green Beaver
Gluten Intolerance: Not Just a Gastrointestinal Disease
Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms, and how you can start to feel well by choosing gluten free. By Carly Wendler, ND
The Mysterious World of Food Allergies
Learn more about signs, symptoms and treatments of food sensitivities. By Carly Wendler, ND
Having an acne break out ? Mother nature comes to the rescue !
Learn how to keep your skin looking healthy and blemish-free! by Alain Ménard, co-founder of the Green Beaver Company
Got a cold? Your toothbrush could be the culprit!
Protect yourself and your family... read how! by Alain Ménard, co-founder of the Green Beaver Company
February Is Heart Health Month!
Learn some tips for an even healthier heart... by Jonah Lusis, ND
Arthritis & Joint Pain -- Some Natural Alternatives
Reduce joint pain by following these simple tips! By Carly Wendler, ND
Colds, Flu & You
Some tips to increase your seasonal immunity and protect against colds and flu. By Carly Wendler, ND
Canadian Winter Skin Woes
Learn how to combat dry, itchy skin! By Alain Ménard, co-founder of The Green Beaver Company
Cleanse In The New Year
Are you feeling rundown and tired, sluggish, or simply lacking energy? Now is the perfect time to give your body a break and to restore the balance it so desperately needs.
Diabetes -- A Preventable Epidemic?
Learn more about the different types of diabetes, as well as natural treatment options.
Fight Fatigue Naturally
Don’t ignore the signals your body gives you. Take advantage of the numerous tools out there to help you combat fatigue naturally!
Combat the Winter Blues -- Get The Light You Need!
Discover some lifestyle suggestions to help minimize SAD. By Du La, ND
Is Stress Ruining Your Life?
Discover some tips on how to take positive steps to reduce the stress in your life!
Natural Alternatives In The Management of Arthritis
Discover a safe, gentle approach to the management arthritis pain.
Get Your Immune System Ready For The Upcoming Season
Don't be caught unawares! Nourish your immune system everyday and enjoy a healthier winter season.
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