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Bioxy Cleanse (150 g)

Bioxy Cleanse (150 g)


Bioxy Cleanse can assist in cleansing the bowels, to aid the proper operation of the digestive tract and help rejuvenate the body. Specially formulated with a mix of magnesium oxide and ozone, it's one of the most unique products of its kind on the market. Bioxy Cleanse works by increasing the water content of the colon, to help remove hardened old fecal matter built up on the colon walls, and remove all toxins, anaerobic pathogens, parasites, heavy metals and other pollutants. This process can help restore regular bowel movements and improve the absorption and assimilation of mineral and nutrients from your diet.

Bioxy Cleanse Ingredients:

A compound of magnesium oxide and ozone to release nascent oxygen, plus rosehips powder with bioflavonoid complex as catalysts.

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