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Posted by Noah's Natural Foods on 2016 Jun 27th

All About Prenatal Vitamins

If you are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant, prenatal vitamins are an excellent choice to keep both you and your baby healthy. However, many women wish they had a natural supplement choice for their prenatal vitamins. If this sounds like you, be sure to shop the prenatal vitamins available from Noah’s Natural Foods.

Prenatal Vitamins Contain Folic Acid

Folic acid is crucial for a developing baby, particularly during the first trimester. Folic acid prevents any defects from forming in the neural tube which ends up becoming the spinal cord and brain of the child. It also helps women’s bodies rapidly produce cells in order to help the child grow. Prenatal vitamins are a great option for any woman of childbearing age, regardless of whether she is trying to get pregnant or not. The amount of folic acid in a woman’s body available to the fetus matters most in the first 30 days of development, which is often before a woman knows she is pregnant.

Prenatal Vitamins Contain Calcium

Calcium helps build a baby’s bones and teeth. While expecting mothers’ bodies don’t use more calcium during pregnancy, that doesn’t mean they have enough to have a healthy baby. Taking a supplement can help ensure strong bones for your little one.

Taking prenatal vitamins is not a promise that your baby will be born healthy, but it is a good way to get your baby’s development off to the best start. Talk to your doctor today about taking prenatal vitamins and see how Noah’s Natural Foods can provide wonderful prenatal options for you.