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New Year Motivation

Posted by Iren Frasheri, CNP on 2019 Jan 17th

New Year Motivation

It’s the time to hear, “New year, new me” on repeat and guess what? We are ALL FOR IT. While some people think the new year is simply another day on the calendar, we’re totally encouraging all the positivity! The key: to make realistic goals and hold yourself accountable for them, but also not to take life too seriously in the meanwhile. A fresh start always feels nice, whether that’s a new day, week, month, year, or any other “beginning” that we experience. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the last 12 months; our personal growth, health, relationships, career, overall wellbeing, and so much more. For some it can be a very emotional time, especially if they experienced lots of hardships. However, it is through these times that we learn more about ourselves, who we are, what we want, and which direction we are heading towards.

If you’re wondering where to even begin with your New Year’s goals, we’ve got you covered. The first step is to decide how you want to make these goals. Whether that means journaling, painting it out, doing a vision board, or whatever way you feel you can best be creative. Find a method, grab the tools to prepare yourself for it, and create a space that’s comfortable and you can think in. Make this a whole day of self-care if you must, that way you focus only on YOU with no distractions around. Here are a few ways to be on the way to “Living your best life”:

  • Tea. You just can’t go wrong with tea, especially around this cold time of the year. The Pukka Relax tea is a great way to get into that zen mode and enjoy your self-care time. (Check REFERENCES for link to shop this product).
  • For those needing some help focusing, Focus Formula is great for mental clarity. Allowing you to work your best without the stress of not being able to fully be present. (Check REFERENCES for link to shop this product).
  • Brainstorm. This is SO important. While you don’t want this to feel like a chore, you also want to be (somewhat) organized and have standards in order to feel accountable to yourself and reaching your goals. You owe yourself that much!
  • Organize your thoughts by areas in your life. For instance, if spending more time with family is something you want to do in 2019 then put that under a “Personal” category, so that you can help yourself be specific with goals.
  • In relation to the last point, being specific with your goals will help A LOT instead of just saying, “Family stuff” you can make it specific, such as “Call my parents every Friday evening when I know they’re home from work.”
  • Give yourself a timeline. Again, while this shouldn’t be a chore, to say, “Get a job I love in 2019” doesn’t set any guideline for yourself. Instead saying something like, “Apply for jobs on the first Sunday of the month” helps you feel more obligated to do it and you set your intentions.
  • Support. This is HUGE. While you don’t want to rely on others for everything, it is also important to have lots of love, support, and encouragement around us. If hiking a certain mountain is on your list for 2019 goals, get yourself educated on it and maybe join a group online that’s experienced and knows the ropes.
  • Lastly, do NOT feel disappointed if you do not reach these goals, by a certain deadline. Life happens. Things come up. We forgive ourselves and move on. Just make sure to re-schedule these important tasks and dates with yourself so that you don’t completely put it off and let time go by without accomplishing what you had wanted.

-Iren Frasheri, CNP