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Winter Weight Gain

Posted by Iren Frasheri, CNP on 2019 Jan 24th

Winter Weight Gain


To whoever is reading this: I hope you’re having a great day and that this post doesn’t trigger you in any way. It’s fully written with love and as a means to normalize “winter weight gain.”

If you live in Toronto/GTA/Canada, then you know winter isn’t all beaches and sunshine as it may currently be in Australia. While we miss the sand, sun, and sea – winter doesn’t have to be a sad, negative time whatsoever. I’ve written a few blogs in the past about “Holiday Survival Guide,” The Winter Blues,” and “New Year Motivation.” I felt compelled to write them and on such specific topics because they’re that we think about and live through on a daily basis, but aren’t often talked about – at least not openly. So, this is similar but different.

Winter weight gain. Is it normal? YUP. Winter in Toronto means longer commute times – whether that’s on TTC or sitting in your car in traffic, longer days and nights, and a lot of gloominess. So naturally, you may be tired when you wake up, have a harder time getting through your commute, have less motivation to workout before or after work, and get home wanting to just watch Netflix on the couch with some snacks. Hey, we don’t blame you! We want the same thing. However, getting some sort of movement in – whether it’s a walk, a sweaty F45 working session, or whatever it may be – means that you’re getting those endorphins (aka our “happy” neurotransmitters). The more time we spend sitting down, the more we may become “bored” and start to crave addictive foods made of refined sugars and ingredients that aren’t nutrient-dense. Plus, when the weather’s cold your body starts to crave staying under the blankets and wanting heavier foods. I’m here to tell you, THIS IS NORMAL. We spend our summer walking everywhere, constantly being outside enjoying the sun with friends (and maybe a few patio drinks), and always being on the go.

So, how do we handle this winter weight gain? Firstly, we accept it and love ourselves because you are not defined by the few pounds you may have gained during winter months. Secondly, know that your HEALTH should be your #1 priority. Looks are just that, simply how we look. Thirdly, our life is a large sum of the small habits we do every day. The more you sit down, the more you will want to sit down. The more you watch TV, the more you will want to watch TV. As mentioned, there’s definitely nothing wrong with doing these things but your body also requires movement to keep your blood, lymphatic system, and your overall health at its best!

Here are a few steps to help you manage “winter weight gain:”

  • Get moving. No matter how short the time may be or what sort of movement it is, just do it. You will feel great after and we promise you won’t regret it. Grab a friend and check out Class Pass for fun and cheap workout classes.
  • “Rescue Remedy.” These little drops are a staff favourite and personally my best friend. Sometimes, we just need a homeopathic remedy to help us out when we’re feeling a bit anxious. Plus, they’re super easy to carry in your bag and use whenever you feel the need! (Check “REFERENCES” for link to shop this product)
  • Sleep is SO important: it regulates our hormones, our metabolism, our neurotransmitters (aka some of where our happiness comes from) and so on. Having a tea like the “Nighty Night” from Traditional Medicinals ready for you in your cupboard is great. On nights where you may be having a little trouble sleeping, this tea has got you covered. (Check “REFERENCES” for link to shop this product)
  • Another important matter? Regular bowel movements. Your body requires movement in order to keep everything in your intestines moving smoothly. In the case that you have been getting less movement than usual – Traditional Medicinals “Smooth Move” tea is a great way to keep things going. (Check “REFERENCES” for link to shop this product)
  • Along with the tea mentioned in the previous bullet point, water and fiber are also key to regular bowel movements. The more you’re going to the bathroom, the better you feel to go out and enjoy some sort of workout with your friends. Otherwise, that unfriendly gas, bloating, and constipation is going to keep you from wanting to do fun, physical activities. I’ve added a link to a great fiber product we carry! (Check “REFERENCES” for link to shop this product)
  • MCT Oil is also a great supplement to help get that energy we may feel we’re lacking. It’s an easy way to consume those healthy fats, get your brain and body energized, and also help with those regular bowel movements. Bulletproof “Brain Octane” is a great MCT oil because it also crosses the blood-brain barrier. Unfortunately, we don’t have this product online but we’ll link another great MCT oil for you! (Check “REFERENCES” for link to shop this product)
  • Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY: love yourself. As cheesy as it may sound, your life is a never-ending journey of getting to know yourself and for some, healing as well. None of that healing can be done if you’re subconsciously beating yourself up over a few pounds. Who you are as a person is what matters, and that isn’t defined by our weight. Never forget that

-Iren Frasheri, CNP