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Nature's Way

  • Nature's Way Hawthorn (90 caps)

    Description Helps promote cardiovascular health.   Our Hawthorn extract is standardized to 1.8-2.2% Vitexin, a bioflavonoid. Hawthorn helps promote cardiovascular health by improving blood and...



  • Nature's Way Horny Goat Weed (60 caps)

    Nature's Way Horny Goat Weed Used in traditional Chinese medicine to invigorate kidney and strengthen yang. For deficiency of kidney-yang manifested as emission, enuresis and frequent urination...



  • Nature's Way Horsechestnut (90 caps)

    Nature's Way Horsechestnut Clinically shown to support healthy circulation Horse Chestnut extract is standardized to 20% aescin. Aescin is a saponin which is clinically shown to support healthy...



  • Nature's Way Milk Thistle (60 caps)

    Nature's Way Milk Thistle Used as a liver protectant. Milk Thistle extract is standardized to 80% silymarin. Silymarin is the key constituent that exerts a protective effect against substances...



  • Nature's Way Pepogest Peppermint Oil (60 gels)

    Nature's Way Pepogest Peppermint Oil Pepogest® provides natural gastrointestinal comfort. The essential oil found in peppermint leaves soothes the occasional disruptions in the bowel often...



  • Nature's Way Super Thisilyn (60 veg caps)

    Nature's Way Super Thisilyn Combined with Natural Detox Enhancers. Ultimate combination of herbals, amino acids & food-based nutrients to support Liver Health & Digestive...