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Curelle Cacay Oil 100% Pure (30 mL)

Curelle Cacay Oil 100% Pure (30 mL)



100% Pure premium grade Cacay Oil is the first and only plant oil clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles up to 45%; increase hydration up to 39%; firmness up to 41%; smoothness up to 30%; elasticity up to 27%. Studies conducted at 100% concentration, applied twice daily over 28 days.

It has 3 times more Vitamin A (Retinol) than rose hip oil (argan oil has none); 2 times more Vitamin F (Linoleic Acid) than argan Oil, 65% more than rose hip oil and significantly more Vitamin E than both oils.

Its unique balance of natural actives helps brighten and rejuvenate skin.  It also helps reduce inflammation, and improve the appearance of a variety of skin conditions.

Clinical studies show it's safe to use in the sun, non-irritating, and suitable for most sensitive skins. A light, non greasy, dry oil that absorbs easily. Doesn't clog pores. It's light nutty scent dissipates quickly. A superb daily moisturizer for men and women.


100% Pure Cacay Oil

Directions for Use

Apply 1-2 drops on cleansed facial skin, twice daily. 1 drop for smaller areas. Use alone, under moisturizer, under make-up or leave on overnight.

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