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Ecoideas Wild Harvested Chaga (70 g)
Ecoideas Wild Harvested Chaga (70 g)

Ecoideas Wild Harvested Chaga (70 g)


Ecoideas Chaga is a unique mushroom that grows on living birch trees that slowly obtains nutrients from its host. Used as a medicinal natural caffeine-free tea for hundreds of years, Chaga has an earthly taste with a hint of vanilla flavor.

  • Sustainably harvested from Living Birch Trees
  • Hand picked and air dried
  • Free from heavy metals
  • Whole Chunk, use to prepare Chaga tea
  • Ground, use in smoothies or sprinkle on food

Harvested by hand, only from live Canadian birch trees during winter to protect the trees. Premium Quality – Third Party Laboratory Tested Safe from Heavy Metals and Pesticides.

Use: 3-5 Chaga chunks per litre of water. Simmer at 80C / 120F (do not boil) for 3-4 hours on stove top or brew in a slow cooker on low overnight. Re-use 3 to 5 times. Store used portions in the freezer in-between batches.

Ingredient: Organic Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga) from living Canadian birch tree 

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