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  • CanPrev D3 & K2 (15 ml)

    The reformulation of CanPrev’s D3 & K2 offers a unique form of MK-7 (K2VITAL®) that is soy-free, plant sourced, and 100% trans form, yielding a pure, bio-active form of vitamin K2 MK-7. The D3 & K2 softgels are suspended in a...


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  • CanPrev D3 1000IU & K2 120mcg (240 softgels)

    Absorption enhanced with organic coconut oil Helps build and maintain bone health Vitamin D3 cholecalciferol from lanolin Vitamin K2 from K2Vital, a soy-free, plant sourced, 100% trans and bioactive vitamin K2 MK-7 No fillers, excipients or...


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    Organika Colostrum (Bovine) (90 caps)

    Organika Colostrum (Bovine) (90 caps)

    Description Colostrum helps to support the immune system, and healthy bone development. Benefits: High quality source of Colostrum is a supply of calcium for the maintenance of good bone and dental health. Helps with the repair of bone, connective...

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