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North Coast Naturals 100% Pure MCT Oil (473 ml)

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North Coast Naturals's 100% Pure MCT Oil is 100% C8 and C10, the purest MCTs. The smaller triglyceride molecules C8 and C10 are a more efficient energy source than the longer C12 triglyceride, making them more “keto friendly.” If you’re looking to go on a reduced-sugar or reduced-carbohydrate diet (such as a keto diet), pure MCT oil is a preferred fuel source. Just add MCT oil to your shakes, smoothies, or incorporate it into your salad dressing or dip. Due to 100% Pure MCT oil’s high purity level, for the first few days start off using a single teaspoon once or twice a day before going up to a full tablespoon and always take it with food.


  • High-performance brain & muscle fuel
  • Contains 6 times more MCTs than regular coconut oil
  • 100% pure MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides)
  • Isolated from non-GMO coconut oil
  • Highest quality MCTs contain C8 & C10 triglycerides
  • Keto, low-carb and paleo friendly

Fractionated coconut oil supplying 100% pure, true MCTs (medium chain triglycerides)


Caprylic acid (C8 fatty acids) 9.8 g
Capric acid (C10 fatty acids) 4.2 g
(Values are approximate and are subject to normal variation)

Proudly packaged in our GMP facility that also carefully handles ingredients from milk, soy, wheat. (GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices)

Formulated without animal products, yeast, gluten, sulfites, artificial preservatives, or synthetic colours, flavours or sweeteners