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Prana White Chia Seeds Ground (200 g)

Prana White Chia Seeds Ground (200 g)


Prana Black Chia Seeds Ground

Gluten-free and highest content of Omega 3 in the world, this superfood is taking the country by storm. Our Mexican chia seeds contain typically 30% protein, 30% fiber, mostly soluble, and high free radical fighting antioxidants. This nutrient packed seed is so rich in nutrients it actually de-thrones flax seeds from its magnified status. Rich in calcium, chia seeds will help you feel full longer, build bones, stimulate the immune system and help lower blood sugar levels in the blood.

Ancient superfood of the Aztecs, chia's important source of amino acids are an excellent addition to raw and vegetarian diets.

Nutrition & Benefits

  • 2 tsps = 100% of your daily requirement of Omega 3's
  • Best vegetable source of Omega 3 in the world
  • Highest content of alpha-linoleic acid known to man
  • Higher concentration of protein, lipids, energy, fiber and fewer calories than rice, barley, oat, wheat and corn. The chia seed helps increase physical resistance
  • Low in sodium, chia helps reduce cardiovascular disease
  • Rich in fibre, chia seeds help regulate the digestive track and provides a prolonged sensation of satiation
  • Helps realign Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio
  • Glycemic regulator, chia reduce sugar absorption in the blood

Nutritional Facts:


Suggested Use:

Two tablespoons are all you need to get your daily

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