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Progressive VegeSeas Citrus (225 g)

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A blend of 5 organic, non-GMO aquatic vegetables that include Spirulina, Nori, Dulse, Kombu and Wakame. These aquatic greens are grown and harvested in compliance with organic standards. The family of seaweeds and algaes found in Progressive VegeSeas help support the natural detoxification process, including the removal of heavy metals while boosting energy production and mental alertness. They also promote healthy hair, skin & nails, and help fight inflammation.


  • Assists in the natural detoxification process, including heavy metals 
  • Supports energy production and mental alertness
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Helps to fight inflammation


Each scoop (5 g) contains:
Organic spirulina, organic wakame, organic kombu, organic dulse, organic nori.   
Calories   20
Fat   0 g
Carbohydrate   1 g
Fibre   0 g
Sugars   0 g
Protein   3 g
Cholesterol   0 mg
Sodium   95 mg
Potassium   90 mg
Calcium   10 mg
Iron   3 mg


One scoop of VegeSeas unto fruit juice or the beverage of your choice. May be consumed at any time of day. Start with a half serving and slowly increase to a full serving as desired.