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Vega Sport Performance Protein Vanilla (12 x 41g)

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Vega Sport Performance Protein Vanilla

Recover faster with Vega Sport Performance Protein so you can train again sooner and perform better.

About Vega Sport Performance Protein

Level up your protein for next-level performance. Build and repair strong muscles, and reduce recovery time with Vega Sport Performance Protein. Each serving has 30 grams complete protein, 6 grams each BCAAs and glutamine, plus performance ingredients tart cherry, turmeric, and probiotics.


Ingredients & Nutritional Facts


Ingredients: Pea protein, Pumpkin seed protein, Organic sunflower seed protein, Alfalfa protein, Tart cherry, Probiotics (Bacillus coagulans [provides 1 billion cfu/serving], Bromelain, Turmeric extract, Black Pepper extract, Sea salt, Natural vanilla flavour, Natural caramel flavour, Stevia extract, Xanthan gum.


Shake or blend Vega Sport Performance Protein 45 to 90 minutes post-workout.