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  • AOR C+Bioflavonoids 925mg - 200 capsules

    More effective than vitamin C alone Provides the same pairing of vitamin C and bioflavonoids as that produced in nature Synergistic effect to protect cells, neutralize toxins Helps support brain, cardiovascular, immunity and overall...


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    Ascenta NutraSea+D Apple (200 mL)

    About If you’re looking for a balanced omega-3 supplement combined with the benefits of 1000IU of vitamin D, try NutraSea+D. In addition to the maintenance of overall good health, cardiovascular health, and brain function, the added boost of...

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  • CanPrev Greens Up! (300 grams)

    100% plant-based, certified organic, natural & GMO-free Combines the raw power of greens, red fruits and superfoods with a potent dose of immune-boosting mushrooms and fatigue-fighting adaptogenic herbs Diversify your diet – Enjoy daily...


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  • Ecoideas Wild Harvested Chaga (70 g)

    Ecoideas Chaga is a unique mushroom that grows on living birch trees that slowly obtains nutrients from its host. Used as a medicinal natural caffeine-free tea for hundreds of years, Chaga has an earthly taste with a hint of vanilla flavor...


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  • Genestra Flax Oil Capsules (90 softgel)

    Omega 3 and 6 combination 860 mg of total EFAs per capsule from organic Flaxseed oil Convenient softgel format Increase patient compliance Flax Oil Capsules (Organic) provides essential fatty acids derived from organically-grown flax seeds for...


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    Ki Sore Throat Spray (20 ml)

    Ki Sore Throat Spray is a natural pleasant tasting formula which combines three natural active ingredients traditionally used in Chinese Medicine, along with Manuka honey to deliver both immune system support and symptomatic relief. The 360-degree...


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  • Living Alchemy Protect (60 capsules)

    Living Alchemy use a unique Kefir-kombucha fermentation, combining 35 strains of live micro-organisms to convert a select blend of certified organic foods and herbs into a living matrix of bio-activated nutrients, enzymes and beneficial flora. Protect...


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  • Living Alchemy Turmeric Alive (60 caps)

    Description Living Alchemy uses the ancient art of fermentation to activate turmeric into its superior form for Turmeric Alive. We ferment our finest organic turmeric using a month long fermentation containing 35 select species of micro-organisms from...


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  • Living Alchemy Your Flora Woman (60 caps)

    Your Flora WOMAN includes Kefi-Soy™, a unique Kefir-kombucha fermentation of certified organic, non-GMO soybean, combining diverse strains of live micro-organisms to create a complete living ecosystem, including strains important for women’s...


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