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Noah's Loyalty Point System

The points are worth 1% of your purchase, and they are accumulated by 10 points. (ie. If you spend $100 you get 1000 points which equals to $1, which is 1% of your purchase and that is how much the points are worth (1%). 

  • $1 spent = 10 points
  • When you use your loyalty card your points are added instantly to your account after the transaction/purchase – and your points are ready for you to use on your next transaction.
  • When you have a minimum balance of 500 points or $1 on your account you may instantly redeem points/$ towards your purchase (at any Noah’s location)

***For existing members your points will be converted to the new value which is 10x (times) the old points (ie. if your current points on the old system was 500 points. The value on the new system would be 500 x 10 = 5000 points, which would also be worth $10). 

*Points can only be accumulated for in-store purchases. Online purchases do not accumulate points.