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  • 88Herbs Rhodiola 200 mg (90 vcap)

    Tibetan Rhodiola has been clinically proven to increase energy, improve mental focus and concentration, reduce stress and anxiety, improve athletic performance, increase sex drive and performance Medicinal...


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  • Botanica Lavender Moon Mylk Unsweetened (110 g)

    Lavender Moon Mylk is a soothing tea latte made from a whole food blend of ashwagandha, coconut, dates, lavender tea, and tart cherry. Made in small batches and free from any fillers and artificial ingredients. Now unsweetened! 2000mg of ashwagandha...


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  • CanPrev Adrenal Chill Women (90 veg capsules)

    Providing 600mg of KSM-66®, the highest concentration, full-spectrum extract of Ashwagandha KSM-66® reduces cortisol, stress and anxiety 200mg of L-Theanine to promote relaxation without sedation A nourishing combination of...


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  • CanPrev Greens Up! (300 grams)

    100% plant-based, certified organic, natural & GMO-free Combines the raw power of greens, red fruits and superfoods with a potent dose of immune-boosting mushrooms and fatigue-fighting adaptogenic herbs Diversify your diet – Enjoy daily...


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  • Ecoideas Wild Harvested Chaga (70 g)

    Ecoideas Chaga is a unique mushroom that grows on living birch trees that slowly obtains nutrients from its host. Used as a medicinal natural caffeine-free tea for hundreds of years, Chaga has an earthly taste with a hint of vanilla flavor...


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  • Nutridom Liquid Chaga (30 ml)

    – Supports Immune System  : Beta glucans, present in large amount in chagamushroom, increase our immune defense by enhancing the function of our immune cells such as macrophages. – Betulinic Acid : Betulinic acid is formed using...


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  • Organic Traditions Shatavari Powder (200 g)

    Shatavari Root is considered to be one of the most highly regarded rejuvenating herbal tonics for female health and well being in Traditional Ayurvedic  Medicine. Its Sanskrit name means she who possesses a hundred husbands and as such aptly...


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  • Purica Red Reishi (120 veg caps)

    Description The medicinal mushroom Red Reishi is used for its health-promoting qualities: Memory Stress Insomnia Energy & stamina Purica's Red Reishi is a Full Spectrum lab-grown product, including mycelium, fruitbody, spores, primordial and extra...


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  • Purica Zensations Universal Harmony (150 g)

    Purica's Zensations Universal Harmony offers eight mushrooms & ashwagandha in a mushroom cacao mix to help strengthen your life force.  IN THE ZONE:• Inspired types• Multi-tasking parents• Artists and entertainers ZENSATIONAL...


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