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Posted by Noah's Natural Foods on 2016 Mar 24th

Health Supplements: A Beginner’s Guide

Noah’s Natural Foods carries an incredible amount of natural health supplements, and if you are just getting started with living a healthier, natural lifestyle, then it can be a bit overwhelming to understand what each product does to help your body. Check out this helpful beginner’s guide to getting started with vitamins & supplements!

Antioxidants refer to a specific type of supplement which work to eradicate free radicals in your body. Free radicals are harmful to your body’s cells and can cause fatal cancers, but antioxidants such as those found in the Acai berry help eliminate them from your body.

Herbal supplements are created from natural plants and are often used as a part of homeopathic treatments. Ancient traditions have been using natural herbal supplements such as Echinacea for centuries because of their supposed health benefits.

Minerals are chemical elements used by your body to function in a number of ways, from cleaning the blood to building strong bones. Many natural health products are fortified with a mineral supplement such as Calcium which helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Multivitamins are nutrition supplements made from a blend of multiple types of vitamins. Natural daily multivitamins provide additional nutritional support to a diet that is lacking in proper nutrition.

Supplements are formulated to replace missing dietary nutrition including omega fatty acids and probiotics which help the digestive system. Many people begin their healthful journeys by incorporating supplements into their diet before replacing all of their unhealthy eating habits.

Vitamins refers to individual specific vitamins such as Vitamin A and and Vitamin D. Your body requires vitamins to be healthy, and certain vitamins, including Vitamin C, have powerful properties that help boost your immune system, for example.

Hopefully, this little bit of knowledge can help guide you on your path to a more healthy lifestyle. If you have questions about the health supplements available from Noah’s Natural Foods, please contact us today!