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Ecoideas - Aussie  Ionic Trace Minerals Original (60 ml)

Ecoideas - Aussie Ionic Trace Minerals Original (60 ml)



It's a Super Concentrated “Full Complex” Ionic Trace Mineral Solution sourced from the purest ocean water off the southern coast of Australia. Solar concentrated, and harvested at the source, Aussie Trace Minerals is one of nature’s best sources of Major and Trace Elements in their most bioavailable form. Aussie Trace Minerals is rich in Magnesium, low in Sodium and comes naturally loaded with over 70 different Major and Trace Minerals. Naturally packed full of Magnesium and other essential major and trace minerals, there's an amazing 750mg of ionic minerals in every 1/2 teaspoon serving, with 74 other bio-available Trace Minerals and electrolytes.

Trace Minerals also available in two different flavors:

  • Peppermint 
  • Lemon - Lime

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