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NOW Essential Oils Lime (30 mL)

NOW Essential Oils Lime (30 mL)

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NOW Essential Oils Lime

  • 100% Pure
  • Citrus Aurantifolia
  • Purity Tested/Quality Assured

Aroma: Fresh citrus lime.
Benefits: Uplifting, refreshing, elating
Mixes Well With: Grapefruit oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil.
Extraction Method: Distillation of the juice or whole crushed fruit.


100% pure lime oil.

Suggested Use:

For aromatherapy use. For all other uses, carefully dilute with a carrier oil such as jojoba, grapeseed, olive, or almond oil prior to use. Please consult an essential oil book or other professional reference source for suggested dilution ratios.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If pregnant or lactating, consult your healthcare practitioner before using. Do not use on skin. Reacts strongly to sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light.

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