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Posted by Noah's Natural Foods on 2016 Apr 1st

Trying To Lose Weight? These Health Supplements Can Help!

Everyone wants to be the healthiest, happiest version of themselves that they can possibly be. If you’ve gotten into a rut of bad eating habits and little to no exercise, you might not be particularly happy with the person looking back at you in the mirror. The important thing to remember is that any person, no matter what they look like or how long it’s been since they exercised, can make positive change! Granted, it’s not necessarily going to be easy. The only proven path to true weight loss is a healthy diet and regular exercise, but that doesn’t mean we can’t support these efforts in other ways. If you’re looking to get the most from your diet and lifestyle changes, these health supplements might be useful in the quest manage your weight.


The initials in this supplements name stand for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. it’s a powerful fatty acid found primarily in beef and dairy products. You may be thinking, “Wait, so a fatty acid is going to help me lose weight?” It may not be intuitive, but the link between consuming CLA and weight loss has been demonstrated in several studies. According to Dr. Mercola, “Previous studies have shown that CLA reduces body fat while preserving muscle tissue, and may also increase your metabolic rate. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that individuals who took 3.2 grams of CLA per day had a drop in fat mass of about 0.2 pounds each week (that’s about one pound a month) compared to those given a placebo.” Try Organika’s high potency CLA supplement to reach your own healthy weight faster!

Starch & Fat Blocker

Do you sometimes have trouble saying no to fatty foods and empty starches that lead to weight gain? We all have those days when life gets in the way and we just can’t seem to keep our diet on track (or maybe we just don’t want to!). When this happens, you may have wished that you could just hit the do-over button and erase the effects of those cheats before they manifest themselves on your body. Well, with Brad King’s Ultimate Starch & Fat Blocker, you can do the next best thing! Through a combination of Phaseolus vulgaris (the white kidney bean), chromium, and green tea extract, this supplement has been shown to prevent some excess starches (carbohydrates) and fat from hanging around too long in your body. Instead, it supports healthy blood sugar metabolism to help your body burn off those starches and fats as soon as possible.


Through over 75 years of research, L-Carnitine has been shown to support a healthy body and weight. L-carnitine is an amino acid that’s produced naturally in the body from two other amino acids lysine and methionine. It delivers a multitude of health benefits, but let’s just focus on weight loss for now. According to, “L-carnitine transfers long-chain fatty acids, such as triglycerides into mitochondria, where they may be oxidized to produce energy. Carnitine has also been shown to reduce fatigue and serve as an appetite suppressant as well.” There are many L-Carnitine supplements on the market, but we recommend the 500mg capsules offered by the WaistAway brand.