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Bob's Red Mill Semolina Flour (680 g)

Bob's Red Mill Semolina Flour (680 g)


Bob's Red Mill Semolina Flour is an essential ingredient for making handmade pastas. Semolina, made from the finest durum wheat, is commonly used to make pasta, but it also makes a magnificent loaf of bread. Now you can buy semolina flour and make noodles, lasagna, fettuccini and other pastas with the same durum flour professionals use! If you use a pasta maker, you'll be delighted with the superior results when you switch from all-purpose wheat flour to our finest quality durum semolina.

Enriched durum flour (Durum wheat, iron, niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid)

Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts, soy, wheat, milk and sesame seeds

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