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Botanica Cilantro (50 mL)

Botanica Cilantro (50 mL)


Botanica's Cilantro is traditionally used for its unique spicy flavour, cilantro can help relieve gas and nausea. Both the leaves and the seeds have high antioxidant properties. Botanica's unique liquid herbs are crafted through an advanced spagyric process to create the most bioavailable herbs. First, herbs are soaked in organic alcohol. When time has allowed the plant to dissolve, the remaining matter is reduced without chemicals to a white ash rich in trace minerals and then rejoined with the original extract. It’s time-consuming but the end result is a herbal formula with all the valuable minerals present in the plant’s natural state.


Certified organic cilantro aerial parts (coriandrum sativum) equiv. to 33.3 mg Per 40 drops (2mL) equiv. to 1332 mg.
Non-medicinal ingredients: certified organic alcohol, distilled water.

Suggested Use:

40–60 drops (2–3 mL) taken 3 times per day. Best taken with five deep, slow breaths.


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