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Divine Essence Camphor White Wood Wild (15 ml)

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Divine Essence Wild Camphor White Wood


Warm amber scent, remiscent of balm.
Every essential oil is a unique combination of elements which interact directly with the chemistry of the human body and have effects on certain organs or systems. Applied locally, the oils are easily absorbed through the skin and transported elsewhere in the body.

The essential oils have properties to trigger a general feeling of relaxation or, conversely, stimulation. Inhaling the fragrance of essential oil works instantly on our psychological well-being.


- It is important to know the effects of each oil before using them or mixing them together.
- Do not use essential oils from a plant you are allergic.
- If you suffer from liverworts, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you suffer from epilepsy or other neurological problems, use essential oils only under the supervision of an aroma therapist.
- Use a very small amount because essential oils have a very high concentration.
- To avoid irritation, do not use directly on skin (mix with oil).