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Natural Factors Milk Thistle Phytosome (90 caps)

Natural Factors Milk Thistle Phytosome (90 caps)


Natural Factors Milk Thistle Phytosome 150 mg

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been found effective for all sorts of liver disorders and it is being confirmed through laboratory studies and extensive clinical trials. The active ingredients in milk thistle are flavonoids comprised of silybin, silydianin and silychristin, collectively known as silymarin. Milk thistle extract is indicated for liver disease associated with alcohol abuse, chronic hepatitis, and protects those working with toxic chemicals, and other substances harmful to the liver.

Dandelion benefits liver functions and has been used for centuries to treat liver disorders, especially jaundice.

Artichoke increases bile flow, is helpful for digestion and liver disorders.

Turmeric exhibits strong antioxidant activity, has a liver-protective effect and increases bile solubility.

Main selling features

  • Provides greater liver protection than conventional silymarin products
  • Made using a patented Phytosome process which binds the silymarin with phosphatidylcholine, enhancing its absorption rate
  • Provides more than 22 mg of silymarin per capsule
  • Formula also includes hepatoprotective dandelion, turmeric, and artichoke
  • Made from the highest quality raw materials, extensively tested for pesticides, solvents, and other impurities

Medicinal Ingredients:


Suggested Use

5 capsules 2 times daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. Use for a minimum of 3 weeks to see beneficial effects. For prolonged use, consult a health care practitioner.

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