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Naka - Platinum Pro Liposomal Vitamin C 1000 mg Bonus Size (600 ml)

Naka - Platinum Pro Liposomal Vitamin C 1000 mg Bonus Size (600 ml)


Platinum Pro Liposomal C 1000 is a form of vitamin c that is fat-soluble. This allows for better absorption of vitamin C into the cells. Liposomal C is an antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage at the cellular level. Your cells need the right kind of fat-soluble antioxidants for protection. Naka’s Platinum Pro Liposomal C is a 1000mg of non-allergen vitamin C for superior absorption.


  • Helps the body to metabolize fats and proteins
  • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums
  • Helps in connective tissue formation
  • Helps in wound healing
  • An antioxidant for the maintenance of good health

Medicinal Ingredients:

Each Teaspoon (5ml) Contains:

Vitamin C (Sodium ascorbate)


1 teaspoon, 1-2 times/day.



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