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New Roots Fermented Turmeric Powder (150 g)

New Roots Fermented Turmeric Powder (150 g)


New Roots Herbal's Fermented Turmeric powder boasts robust antioxidant properties. Turmeric ranks among the world's superfoods for both health benefits and culinary versatility. When fermented, it’s easily digested and assimilated, with an improved flavour profile. It can be added to soups and innovative beverages, paired with fermented ginger for health-enhancing teas, and more.

Organic fermented turmeric root

Recommended use:
Add to water, juice, smoothies, or your favourite beverage including hot teas. Can be used in cooking with curries, marinades, vegetables, stir-fry, and stews, as well as your signature dips or spreads. Try it on popcorn or roasted nuts.

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