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Stress and Anxiety

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    NOW Rhodiola 500 mg (60 capsules)

    NOW Rhodiola 500 mg (60 capsules)

    Overview Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve temporary symptoms of stress (such as mental fatigue and sensation of weakness) Support cognitive function (such as mental focus and mental stamina) Standardized to contain 3% Rosavins and 1%...


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  • Now Vitamin D3 1000 IU (180 softgels)

    Overview NOW Vitamin D-1000 softgels supply recommended levels of this key vitamin in a highly-absorbable liquid softgel form. Vitamin D is normally obtained from the diet or produced by the skin from the ultraviolet energy of the sun.  However, it...



  • Organic Traditions - Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder (200 g)

    Overview Ashwagandha is also known as The Indian Ginseng because its actions and uses are similar to those of Chinese Ginseng. As an adaptogenic herb, it is one of the most commonly used roots in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for increased stamina. It...



  • Organika Soothe Magnesium Citrate Watermelon & Lime 250 g

    Soothe is an easy breezy fizzy way to get your daily magnesium needs. Add it to water for a deliciously refreshing drink packed with premium ionic magnesium, the hardest-working mineral out there, responsible for hundreds of body functions. Soothe...



  • Platinum Naturals Vitamin D3 1000 IU (180 softgels)

    Overview Vitamin D3 is essential for a healthy immune system, cardiovascular health, bone health and many other systems in the body. Getting enough vitamin D is a challenge in northern climates. Vitamin D3 is the form that we produce in our skin when...



  • Purica Zensations Universal Harmony (150 g)

    Purica's Zensations Universal Harmony offers eight mushrooms & ashwagandha in a mushroom cacao mix to help strengthen your life force.  IN THE ZONE:• Inspired types• Multi-tasking parents• Artists and entertainers ZENSATIONAL...



  • Sea-licious Omega-3 High EPA Mango (250 ml)

    Sea-licious Omega-3 High EPA offers a balanced 2:1 ratio of EPA to DHA (1770 mg : 885 mg per teaspoon) which provides a more therapeutic dose of concentrated EPA and DHA to help target specific health concerns. In addition to the 2:1 ratio EPA : DHA,...



  • Vitality Relax+ (60 tablets)

    Relax+ is a herbal aid to support nerve relaxation as well as relief from stress and anxiety.  It supports a deeper, more restful sleep and relieves nerve and muscle tension causing cramps, restless leg and jaw clenching. Medicinal ingredients (per...